What is positioning?

Positioning is the strategy work of deciding where you fit in a market, what makes you unique and how customers will think about you. Especially relevant for B2B tech startups, positioning may be the most important decision you must make as a business leader - and one which holds the greatest leverage for your long-term growth. Properly developed, thoughtful positioning helps you pull away from competitors and makes it easier for customers, investors, and markets to choose you.

Our Positioning Audit Process:

Principal, Tim Manning, will conduct a preliminary audit of your website and messaging; the same for 2 named competitors; and return with considerations & recommendations for brand positioning strategy, and messaging.


Why should you take this step?

Shorten sales cycles; increase revenue

Build trust with customers; out-perform competition

Increase confidence with investors; improve valuations

Retain and attract key talent

Why shouldn't you wait?

Because time is money, and credibility. Burn rate is real; markets are brutal in their assessment of companies that don’t declare their market position, or worse pivot multiple times to find a fit.

Passionate about Growth

Passionate about Positioning Companies to Win

Start-Up Champion. I spent more than 25 years leading marketing for 8 tech start-ups; refining my skills for helping companies thrive in complex markets. I developed a passion for making the complex simple, so customers, markets and investors care - in a word positioning.

Focused on Success. As I look at the failure rate for startups - whatever you decide is a valid ratio, 60-90% - I am not OK with it. My passion and the reason I started GrowthShift is to help early stage technology companies compete and grow - and increase the success rate!

Simplify Strategy. As a startup marketing consultant, I am committed to simplifying positioning & strategy, so critical in early stage tech.  If I can shift that thinking, together, we can help more startups grow; help more tech founders tell their story, and change industry.

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