It Has Been a Season of Business Disruption & Change.
How will you respond?

For most, the recent months have been ones of unforeseen business disruption and change. The challenges associated with growing your business may not be different than last year, but they are certainly amplified:

  • Increasing revenue, maintaining margins
  • Customer acquisition and growth
  • Staying ahead of competition
  • Raising capital
  • Attracting and retaining key team members

One answer, meet change now and get above the noise. Carefully define your market position, your unique solution and proposition, and in so doing, pull away from your competitors and make it easier for your customers to make decisions to choose you. 

GrowthShift can tackle that answer and help you think about your business while you focus on operating the business through this tumultuous period.


GrowthShift will conduct a preliminary audit of your competitors and value proposition and return recommendations.


Because it is possible to alter your long-term business outcome with thoughtful business strategy.

Because I am committed to making a difference and helping early to growth-phase technology companies differentiate, compete and grow.

In today’s noisy, disrupted marketplace, thoughtful market positioning may be the most important decision you must make as a business leader - and one which holds the greatest leverage for your long-term growth.

Why should you take this step?

Shorten sales cycles; increase revenue

Build trust with customers; out-perform competition

Increase confidence with investors; improve valuations

Retain and attract key talent

Why shouldn't you wait?

Because time is money, and credibility. Burn rate is real; markets are brutal in their assessment of companies that don’t declare their market position, or worse pivot multiple times to find a fit.

Tim Manning

My Story Tim Manning

Shift your thinking. Shift your growth.

I spent more than 25 years leading marketing for 8 tech start-ups; exercising a passion for helping companies thrive in complex markets - against some of the largest tech companies in the world, including IBM, SAP and Oracle. A passion for making the complex simple, so customers, markets and investors care. That passion was a catalyst for one start-up creating a new global software category; and subsequently enjoying a 10X acquisition by SAP AG - one of the very companies we competed against.

I am a positioning specialist.

Grounded in finance, I am deeply committed to making a difference. We are not a traditional marketing or advertising agency, but rather strategy specialists focused on providing timely solutions to meet the unique needs of each business we serve. Shift your thinking. Shift your growth.

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