About Us

GrowthShift is a boutique marketing and strategy consultancy focused on positioning and launching growth-phase technology companies. Our process begins with Step 1: Positioning Audit.

Position Your Company For Growth

We launch brands,
new and re-imagined.

To accomplish this we formulate, execute and deliver a marketing and brand strategy unique to your company’s market, product, competition, and customers and fundamental to your capital and growth strategy.

Tim serves as your fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and leads a team of proven marketing specialists to launch brands using a fully integrated marketing platform.

Unlike traditional agencies or marketing/brand strategy providers, GrowthShift focuses on the launch and provides a tightly integrated execution of the marketing & brand strategy required for long-term growth.


What makes us different

Our B2B technology focus, strategy depth, integrated marketing and superior execution, delivered at the same time. In other words, strategy and execution connected!

We know our market position

We know our market position. We are positioning & launch specialists. And it works because we believe in partnering with skilled marketing service providers instrumental in maintaining the marketing & brand strategy we develop and launch.

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Marketing Defined


Marketing is sometimes misunderstood. Properly defined & executed, however, it holds the power for connecting with customers, building brands, and growth!

We are passionate that ‘great business strategy equals great marketing strategy’ and vice versa. Think ‘market positioning’, ‘product-market fit’, and ‘unique sales proposition’ and you are thinking about marketing and defining your business future. We are committed to shifting conventional thinking around marketing and developed a presentation that shares our perspective.

  • Experienced
  • Relevant
  • Thoughtful
  • Focused
Tim Manning

About the founder Tim Manning

Passionate. Focused. Practical. 

I always wanted to make a difference. That commitment fueled an entrepreneurial spirit for almost 3 decades, where I led marketing teams for numerous early stage technology companies. One of them a text-book exit and success story. 

I was finance-trained, but more passionate about marketing because I believe the central themes for great marketing are human connection and trust. When we put people at the center, we create great companies, high-performing teams and lasting brands!

Customers want a connection to the brands they consume. Finding that connection, crafting messaging around it and then executing a marketing strategy to help companies stand out, is where the magic lies. 

With this spirit, I started GrowthShift in 2016 as a boutique marketing strategy consultancy. We help early stage technology companies differentiate and grow, so they too can tell their story and make a difference.

Our Core Values

How we think defines us
and inspires our customers.

Think Differently

We think about the big picture and the small picture simultaneously.

Adopt a Growth Mindset

We have a passion for innovation and learning that challenges the status quo.

Keep People at the Center

We believe empathy and human connection hold the key to successful brands.

Think Big

We encourage innovators to think big, early.


We choose to simplify how we communicate with customers and industry.

Be Grateful

We are grateful for innovators and the opportunities they create.

Become a Partner

In leading marketing teams for decades, one of my passions and functions was building and nurturing lasting partnerships that would foster collaboration, innovation and client value - a philosophy that I have adopted for GrowthShift. There are so many talented marketing professionals that we can bring to solving business questions and delivering uncommon value.

We are committed to that collaborative future, defined by partnership. At GrowthShift we believe in partnering with capable, trusted marketing service providers that can be instrumental to maintaining the brand & marketing strategy that we develop and launch.