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Marketing Communication and Your Brand: Create a Conversation

In our blogs, we talk a lot about your positioning, differentiation, unique proposition, your unique story and why it is...
B2B branding requires new thought sign

Tech Start-ups: Don’t Push Disruption at the Cost of Your B2B Brand

We’ve already discussed B2B brand development in general here, but what does it mean specifically for startups chasing the latest...
Build a brand

Tech Startups Need a Brand as Much as Fortune 500’s

Your brand equals your market position and value proposition. It’s your entire strategy in a single package that is as...
own your pond

Your Most Important Startup Lesson: Own Your Pond Before Anyone Else Does

Of all the lessons we give startups and entrepreneurs, there’s one that sets the stage perfectly. Before anything else, own your...
Why every startup needs to tell its story

Why every startup needs to tell its story

What is your startup story? No one starts a business to focus on operations. Entrepreneurs and leaders seek out problems,...
Marketing consultant in action

Understanding How We Serve: The GrowthShift Story

One of the oldest tropes in hiring (whether it’s an employee or a consultant) is to describe yourself in three...