Step by Step. We designed our services so clients could engage with us in steps to see how we think, collaborate and perform. Each step is distinct and valuable. Combined, they become a connected and efficient process. Our process begins with Step 1: Positioning Audit.

Position Your Company For Growth

Growth Services


Build a strategy foundation with important insights which guide and position you for long-term growth.

Description: Tim will conduct a preliminary audit of your website and messaging; the same for 2 named competitors; and return with considerations & recommendations for positioning, strategy and messaging. The exercise includes 1 customer interview (as available), plus an executive discovery questionnaire to be completed by 1 internal stakeholder. A formal word document will be provided at the conclusion of the audit.

Timeline: Work scheduled and completed within 4 weeks of agreement.

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Position Your Company For Growth


Develop a unique Marketing & Brand Strategy that is comprehensive, integrated and positions you for growth.

Description: Principal Tim Manning will develop a marketing & brand assessment, and strategy that encompasses:

  • Market, segment and position analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target customer (persona) analysis
  • Company and product analysis
  • Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat (SWOT) Analysis

Includes interviews with 2-3 internal stakeholders and 2-3 customers (or equivalent), plus contributions from GrowthShift team members for Social, Digital, Content, Web, and Marketing Automation.

A final PowerPoint is presented for collaboration and discussion. Deliverables also include a complete Messaging Architecture that discusses key aspects of your brand, message and story.

Timeline: Work scheduled and completed within 8 weeks of our agreement.

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Implement your Marketing & Brand Strategy using a tightly integrated marketing plan with a skilled team of experienced experts.

Description: Principal Tim Manning will develop a budget, detailed services description and timeline unique to your strategy.

Once approved, Tim and his team will implement a fully-integrated marketing platform necessary to accomplish your Growth Marketing & Brand Strategy developed in Step 2, consisting of: 

  • Social Marketing 
  • Digital Advertising (Google and Social) 
  • Organic Search
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design (New or Modified).

Timeline:  Schedule and begin work within 4 weeks of agreement. Campaign launch in approximately 4 months. 

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Evaluate your marketing progress and alignment with your Marketing & Brand Strategy and make corrections based on expert analysis.

Description: Principal Tim Manning, together with his team of marketing specialists, will complete an analysis across key marketing program areas and provide a quarterly marketing and brand scorecard. A finalized report will be presented with recommendations that align with marketing and messaging developed in Step 2 Growth Marketing & Brand Strategy.

Collaborate with and train internal teams on corrections needed to ensure growth strategy is on track.

Timeline: Quarterly.

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We care about fit

We are a good fit for:

  • Growth-phase B2B technology companies with an innovative solution and opportunity for disruption
  • Innovators interested in growing a big company, not just a lifestyle business
  • Pre-revenue to $10 Million in revenue
  • Understaffed in marketing or no marketing department
  • Technology or software that is scalable, repeatable and can serve a national or global market
  • Seed round or Series A Capital raise in place

We are generally not a good fit for:

  • Companies without a productized solution, early customers or services delivery team
  • Companies that are fully or almost fully staffed in their marketing department
  • Companies that are looking only for individual marketing channels (e.g. social, digital)
  • Innovators that are interested in keeping their current market positioning & brand.