Tech Start-ups: Don’t Push Disruption at the Cost of Your B2B Brand

b2b tech startup disruption growthshift phoenix austin

Early-stage B2B tech companies exist in a noisy world due to the current market’s race for disruption over creating sustainable brands. This can lead startups to believing disruption is their market position and value proposition.  Before you became a “thing,” did you define a sustainable market position and value proposition that was meaningful and defensible?…

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Tech Startups Need a Brand as Much as Fortune 500s

tech startup branding growthshift phoenix austin

Your tech startup’s brand equals your market position and value proposition. It’s your entire strategy in a single package that is as important to your customers as it is to your success. Read on for a practical perspective on branding for early-stage technology. When a company, no matter its size, makes branding a second thought,…

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Tech Startups: Own Your Pond Before Anyone Else Does

tech startup marketing strategy growthshift arizona austin

Of all the marketing lessons we give tech startups and entrepreneurs, there’s one setting the stage perfectly for market positioning. Before anything else, own your pond. It presumes you defined your pond – positioning yourself uniquely in a marketplace. It’s easy to find a single customer and sprint toward that first sale. Rebounding from that…

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TUTORIAL: Use Tech Branding Strategy to Tell Your B2B Startup Story

No one starts a business to focus on a tech branding strategy. Leaders begin their entrepreneurial journey by: • seeking out problems • conceiving innovative solutions • envisioning a better world • feeding the spark of curiosity All are elements of a solid startup story resulting in your product or service. But, it turns out…

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How We Serve B2B Tech Startups

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“If I can help a company shift how they think, I can shift how they grow.”  One of the oldest tropes in hiring (whether it’s an employee or a consultant) is to describe yourself in three words.For GrowthShift, our three words are: Make a difference. Making a difference empowers our clients — B2B tech companies…

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